I’ve had a number of conversations with clients who’ve been struggling with lockdown.  One of the key things we’ve discussed is the benefit of creating a routine, to help them have some structure in their day, and stop the endless drifting.

When we’re stuck in routines like working, we crave flexibility.  Whilst being flexible and having no structure to your day is fun at the weekends, or when on holiday, over large periods of time, it can easily lead to the pit.  You may feel lost, without purpose and drifting along.

I saw a post on Facebook which sums up how some people are feeling right now: February had 29 days, March had 130 days and April had 300 days!  Does it feel like this for you?

If it does, consider creating a routine for your day – you don’t need to account for every minute, but having some structure will definitely help.

The benefits of a good routine

There is a sense of certainty with a routine – you know what you need to do, and when.  Having this structure means you’re more likely to be productive and will make time for the important things like working, exercise, cooking, family time, etc.

Creating a new routine

The current situation means your ‘normal’ routine is affected, even if you’re still working.  However, you can create a routine which will help you flow through your day with a sense of purpose.  Here are a few ideas for how you can create a routine to suit your situation:

  • Create some fixed times through your days such as meals, exercise and bedtimes
  • Decide if you’re going to have a routine every day, or only on certain days – for example having the weekends off
  • Agree on routines with those you live with to make life easy for everyone.  This is especially important if you are homeschooling or working from home and others want the TV on etc.
  • Build downtime into your routine to include the things that nourish you such as reading, chatting to friends on Zoom or getting creative.

How my routine helps me

Like for many people, the virus has hit my family and friends, and we’re in an incredibly sad and scary time.  I desperately miss being with the people I love, my trips to London and taking the dogs out to explore beautiful Wales.  The only thing I can influence right now is being the best version of me and showing up in small ways that make a difference.

I’m grateful for having a good routine and being able to keep some sort of ‘normality’ to my day.  My routine helps me to focus on work, make time for Gary (my hubby) and the dogs and do things that make me happy – this weekend I started upcycling a chest of drawers.

If you need help and support during lockdown, contact us and find out how the Lightning Process can help you.