We all know life has its ups and downs.  There are times when things are swimming along nicely and your confidence is high.  Then there is a challenge!  That takes you out of your comfort zone, which can easily put a big dent in your confidence.

If you feel in need of a confidence boost, check out these quick tips:

Power Posture

Make sure your posture is saying ‘confident’.  Your posture is constantly communicating how you feel.  Not only to everyone around you, but importantly, to your brain.

If you are standing tall, with your head up, shoulders back and a big smile on your face, confidence is the message your brain will be receiving.

The ‘Wonder Woman’ pose is a brilliant way of doing this.  If you haven’t heard about how this simple exercise can promote confidence, assertiveness and calm, check out this short talk by Amy Cudy.

Try taking on the ‘Wonder Woman’ power pose, with your hands on your hips, for just two minutes and see how differently you feel.  This will change the hormone levels in your body, increasing testosterone and decreasing cortisol, with the result of higher confidence and lower stress.

In her talk, Amy demonstrates from her research that if you use your ‘Wonder Woman’ pose just before going into a challenging situation, you can significantly influence your performance.  You fake it, until you become it.  This one tiny tweak can lead to big changes, so get those hands on your hips now!

Deep Breathing

Take a deep breath, making sure you are filling your lungs, hold it for a few seconds and exhale slowly.  Do this a few times and as you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in confidence, really expanding your ribcage to contain it as you draw in the air.  As you hold your breath, imagine that confidence circulating your body, filling every cell, from head to toe.

Deep breathing is a simple way to help you to calm and centre yourself and increase your confidence levels.

Change the Soundtrack

When our confidence wobbles, we can easily get caught up in negative thoughts and start to question and criticise ourselves.  These thoughts are incredibly destructive and will sabotage your confidence in a nanosecond.

Every time you catch yourself saying something to yourself that isn’t useful, or, is just downright mean, recognise it for what it is: just a thought, you can let it go.

Consider what you want to think about yourself instead and write it down.  A good idea is to keep this list in different places, on your phone, on post-it-notes stuck around the house, in your journal, etc.  This will act as a constant reminder of what you want to think and feel about yourself.

Each time you recognise a sabotaging thought, simply say a quick ‘no’ or ‘stop’, to yourself.  Follow this with the thought that you want to reinforce, an affirmation of what you want to believe or feel about yourself e.g. “no, I am successful”, or “stop, I am loved and respected”.

Consistently change the soundtrack and your confidence will grow in line with the new record.

Celebrate Small Wins

Don’t constantly focus of everything you need to do, or should do, in order to achieve the next goal.  Allow yourself the luxury of celebrating the small wins you make every day.  These small wins can be as simple as reflecting on what you appreciate and what gives you joy.  A smile from a child, or making that phone call you’ve been putting off.  Every small win will help to keep you motivated and keep your confidence high.  And it feels great!

Maintaining confidence is a work in progress.  You can certainly learn to be confident but life’s roller-coaster will challenge even the most confident of us at times.  Life is always changing and moving on.  The best thing you can do is to accept this and work with it.

There will be another challenge but always remember you have the courage and resilience to deal with it.  If you wobble, keep going and you will soon be back on track.  You deserve to feel confident!

If confidence is something you struggle with, contact us to find out how we can help you.