We thoroughly enjoyed creating this series of podcasts for you and thought a quick reference index of the episodes with links would be useful:

1: What is the Lightning Process?

2: The brain-body connection, beliefs and placebos

3: How your unconscious mind can hinder and help

4: The Power of your language

5: Ways to avoid sabotage – Part 1

6: Ways to avoid sabotage – Part 2

7: How to find happiness

8: How perfectionism stops success

9: Focusing on the positives

10: The effects of co-dependent relationships

11: Changing overwhelmed to calm and focused

12: Dealing with difficult people

13: How we distort our reality

14: Claire’s Lightning Process story

15: How to get a great nights sleep

16: Dealing with negative feelings

17: Learning to trust yourself

18: Living your life with purpose

19: Taking time for yourself

20: The power of using your imagination

21: Building your resilience

22: Moving beyond regret

23: Being compassionate to yourself

24: Cultivating emotional energy

25: How to be courageous

26: How to create balance

27: Being authentic

28: Being present

29: The power of choice

30: Finding your inner coach

31: Finding contentment in your life

32: Learning to forgive

33: Stop assuming the worst

34: Laughter is the best tonic

35: Dealing with change

36: Developing confidence

37: How to flourish

38: Being lucky

39: Grief and loss

40: Avoiding avoidance

41: Dealing with anger and frustration

42: Body language for health

43: Cultivating gratitude

44: Dealing with guilt

45: How to love

46: The power of joy

47: Dealing with illness

48: Saying No

49: Freedom from fear and worry

50: Expectations