Part 1 of the LP – Preparation for the seminar

“The audio programme was very interesting and informative. Phil’s calm voice explained why I had become stuck in my issues and what was getting in the way of the body’s natural healing mechanism to get well.”


Start the Lightning Process today by listening and working through Part 1; this interactive audio programme is designed to prepare you for the seminar and to give you a good introduction to some of the things you will learn in more depth on the course.  In it Phil discusses:

  • What the Lightning Process is and how it works
  • The science and research behind the Process
  • The importance of neurology in change
  • How to recognise when we are switching on the ‘wrong’ kinds of neurological pathways that keep us stuck
  • The importance of language in health and change, and how to use it to move forwards
  • The power of becoming a compassionate & inspirational coach for yourself
  • Case histories from people who’ve found the LP life-changing

There are currently four different options available so just pick the one which suits you best.  If you would like to work on a few of these things then we recommend picking the most relevant one to you and then contacting one of us to discuss everything you would like to work on and we can talk to you more about your case and the suitability of the LP for you.  You can download one of these instantly for just £15.99.

We also offer packages which provide Part 1 and an additional download to help support you – these are just £19.99:

Please note: you will not be able to ‘do’ the whole Lightning Process simply by completing this stage, as it is contains only the first of the three phases.  After listening to it you will need to take the second phase, the seminar, working with one of our experienced practitioners.