Phil Parker's London Team

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Jacqui Aston

It is an honour to be part of Phil Parker’s team. I first came across the LP in 2011 when I recovered from my own chronic health issues, and I immediately became passionate about the LP.  So passionate I flew backwards and forwards for 2 years from Singapore to London to train as a practitioner.  After working and living in Asia for 18 years, I returned to the UK in 2013.  As well as running Phil Parker’s Lightning Process, P4 and TRP seminars, I am a Human Givens psychotherapist and a clinical hypnotherapist, recognised by the medical and dental association (USA) and the British Institute of Hypnotherapy. I am also a Master NLP Practitioner.

I started my career in retail management, and ran several businesses over the years while living in Asia, re-training in psychology when my 3 children went to full time school. Over the last 10 years I moved into corporate training, coaching and running my own therapy and coaching clinic in Singapore. Phil Parker’s training is one of the best in the world, putting me in the top percent of skilled coaches, and I soon became recognised and highly regarded by medical and industry professionals in Singapore. As an expert, I am invited to speak at medical conferences, industry events and educational institutions across the UK and Asia, sharing my wealth of knowledge in the field of peak performance, health, and executive stress. I am also excited to be part of an academic research team at the forefront of gathering empirical evidence into effective techniques for change.

I love connecting with and empowering clients, and helping them to make the rapid and lasting changes they want, in their life and their health. Phil Parker is an incredible person to work for, and I love being a part of the Lightning Process family, and the Head Office team. I am very lucky to be truly passionate about my job!

“Jacqui was an experienced and passionate trainer, her aptitude was clear from the outset, and was crucial to the success of the course.” Michael Coulstock