Phil Parker's London Team

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7374 0233

Post-course support

Once you have taken the Lightning Process seminar there are lots of support options available to help you to maintain the changes you have made.

Post-course downloads
Phil has created a series of downloads which support you in using the process in different areas where some people become stuck.  They are great if you need immediate support before contacting your practitioner and for keeping you on track after the seminar.

Group refresher sessions
We regularly run group refresher sessions – these are an opportunity to work on any new issues that have arisen since your LP training, or to refresh your skills, in a supportive small group environment.  These fun and inspirational sessions, with a member of Phil’s London team, will:

  • Review the core concepts from the seminar
  • Give you the opportunity to ask questions
  • Enable you to meet other LP graduates and share experiences
  • Enhance your use of the Process by being able to practice it whilst being coached by an experienced practitioner
  • Keep you engaged with the LP and a life you love

All LP graduates are welcome at this session.  The price for the 3 hour session is £100. We run these every few months – you can find the upcoming dates here…

Additional phone coaching appointments
Included in your package is 3 hours of phone/Skype support with your practitioner – for many people this is enough to help them to establish their changes following the training.  However for some people they prefer to have on-going support with their practitioner which is available either as one off calls as required or as packages of 6x 30 minute calls.  Outside of your LP seminar package, these are charged at £40 per half hour, or £210 for 6 calls (30 min each).

One to one appointments
Phil and his team also offer the opportunity to come into the clinic for a face to face appointment to work through a particular issue or to provide you with additional support using the Lightning Process.  Phil charges £375 for 90 minutes, and the team charge £120 for an hour/£180 for 90 minutes.