Whilst it’s great to set yourself goals, allowing time to dream about and vision your future, focusing only on this has its own issues.  You can devote so much time to what you are planning for your life/career/business going forwards that you completely miss out on living your life.  The here and now is where your life is so make sure that you live it to the full.

Goals are a brilliant way to give yourself direction but once you have identified yours, break them down and decide what you are going to do today to move towards your ultimate goal.  This creates actionable steps and allows you to be really present when taking them.

The other way of missing out is by living in the past, regretting what you did/said/didn’t do/should have done and so the list goes on.  By dwelling on the past, you spend your life looking over your shoulder at times that have gone and events that you cannot change.  Start by accepting that you have no power to change these, taking on board any learnings from them and forgive yourself.

Try out this simple exercise:- go for a walk and make sure you are really present during it, not allowing yourself to stay inside your own head but instead using all your senses to really engage with the activity.  Notice the views/people/sights around you, the different sounds, the temperature on your skin, the smells in the air as you walk along.  You will be surprised how many different things you notice that you have missed out on in the past.

Make a conscious effort to be present throughout your day.  This will enable you to fully appreciate events in your life and when you reflect back on these times, you will have fully embraced each and every moment.   Even if a day seems unremarkable from the outside, it can be incredible to have lived it fully and you will be able to see the joy in even the smallest things.

Time is our most valuable resource, once spent, you will never get it back so use yours wisely.