How happy do you feel today? Could you be happier?

Did you know that happiness is a feeling that can be cultivated?  This means making a conscious choice to feel happy every day can seriously improve your quality of life.  

Psychologist Dr Robert Holden, Director of The Happiness Project says, “Nothing in the world can make you happy however everything can encourage you to be happy.”  

We believe happiness is a choice, so the more choices you make to support being happy, the happier you’ll be!

Try out these tips for cultivating happiness:

Think Yourself Happy

Happiness isn’t about having more and more stuff.  Researchers followed people who won the lottery and found that a year afterwards, they were no happier than people who hadn’t. 

This suggests that we each have a baseline level of happiness. No matter what happens, good or bad, the effect on our happiness is temporary, and we tend to revert to our baseline level.

Your baseline level of happiness is influenced by how you think so check out your thinking right now.  Are your thoughts mostly about what’s going wrong your life?  To increase your baseline level of happiness, start focusing on what is working and what you really appreciate in your life.  Make this a daily practice and you will soon see a difference in your happiness levels.

Laugh Yourself Happy

When you lose your sense of humour and the things that you’d normally find funny, just aren’t, you know you’re off track.

How much you laugh is a good indicator of how much happiness you’re allowing into your life.  Ask yourself, “what would my day be like if I made a conscious decision to have as much fun as possible today?”  Then make it happen by inviting fun into your day whether that’s fully engaging with and enjoying what you’re doing, calling a fun friend, or watching your favourite comedy.  Give yourself permission to see the lighter side of life and take every opportunity to laugh.

Make Yourself Happy

It’s a great idea to include feel-good activities into your day.  However, happiness doesn’t rely on a certain hobby or friend, you’re completely in charge of how you feel right now.  Happiness is within you right now.

Try this visualisation: think about a really happy moment in your life, for example, a great holiday, playing a sport, or having fun with your children.  Really absorb yourself in this memory, imagining you’re back there now reliving that moment as if it’s happening right now.  Use all of your senses: what can you see? What can you hear?  What can you feel? Notice the temperature around you and the different smells.  Fully immerse yourself in that moment and notice how you feel.  Our memories, our imaginations are resources that we can use to tap into our inner well of happiness right now.

If you want to feel happier in your life, contact us for a chat and find out how we can help you.