When I speak about energy here, it includes your physical, emotional and spiritual energy.  Our thoughts, our emotions and interactions with others will all affect our energy.

Energy is contagious – have you noticed when you are surrounded by people who are in a great place, how energised you feel?  On the flip side of this, when you are surrounded by negative people or find yourself in challenging situations, it can affect your energy and leave you feeling depleted.  These people and situations are energy vampires because of their effect on your wellbeing.

One of the best ways I’ve found to protect my energy is to create a personal forcefield or shield.  One that allows all the great things in but protects me from anything that’s not useful to me.  I do this visualisation every morning to set myself up for a great day ahead.

Decide how you want to feel that day

You may have a project on and need to be calm and focused, or you may have planned a day out with friends so you want amazing light energy – it doesn’t have to be the same thing each day.  Work out the quality you need to feel in order to have the best day possible.

Create that feeling

Find a powerful memory of a time when you felt exactly that way and literally take yourself back into it, re-living it, feeling how you felt, adding in lots of details and totally immersing yourself in it.

If you don’t have a memory that fits what you want, borrow the quality from someone or something that represents it for you.  Imagine stepping into that quality and how it would feel to have that brilliant quality for yourself.

I often borrow from nature and in particular, the sun during my morning routines.  I feel the energy of the sun flowing through and around my body and filling it up with the light, energy and warmth.

Give it a colour

Is there a colour that represents that amazing feeling?  If you don’t recognise colour, there could be a sound or piece of music or just an amazing feeling.  Imagine the colour (or whatever represents the feeling) flowing over you and going down through your head and shoulders, down through your body, your arms and your legs and as you breathe in, it fills every cell and fibre of your body with the amazing feeling.

Create your forcefield or shield

Imagine that colour or feeling shining through your skin to create a barrier between you and the outside world.  This is a shield that lets all the good things in but anything that is not useful to you either bounces off washes over it or evaporates.

Visualise the day ahead

Now run yourself through the day ahead of you in your imagination with your personal forcefield protecting you and your energy.  Rehearse your day going brilliantly in just the way you want it to go.  A day where you can do what you need to do but still protect your energy from any vampires that you may encounter.  When you get to the end of the day, simply breath your day back in, knowing you have the ability to flow through your day in this really useful way.

Creating a personal forcefield is a great way to maintain your own energy, even in challenging situations.

If you struggle with maintaining your energy when with challenging people or situations, contact us for a chat to find out how we can help you.