How Does it Work?

We look at how and why you get stuck in certain destructive cycles and how two of the core elements of the Lightning Process, the Physical Emergency Response (PER) and Neuroplasticity maintain these unconscious cycles.

Physical Emergency Response
You may also know this as the flight or fight response.  It is your body’s natural reaction to a threat or stress and is designed to keep you safe and provides amazing short-term strength and speed.

Modern day living creates stress in many different guises from illness to relationships, jobs, exams or paying the mortgage.  These will create the same chemical and physical responses in your body as when it is faced with danger, but these are activated for long periods of time instead.

This response will compromise your body’s systems and create havoc interfering with your sleep, healing and immune system, digestion, clear thinking and general mood.

The Lightning Process will teach you how to spot when the PER is happening and how you can calm this response down, allowing your body to re-balance itself.

Your brain has an amazing ability to re-wire itself depending on how it is being used.  It doesn’t like to have to think about how to do things and instead, creates strong, fast links for those pathways which are used most regularly.

The Lightning Process will teach you how to recognise the destructive unconscious patterns you are stuck in and how you can re-learn them in a new, life-enhancing way.  With practise these will become the dominant pathways.