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Help with the form

Basic help

We’ve made this questionnaire short to make it easy enough to fill in even if you’re not feeling well.

Any questions marked with * means you’ll need to fill in this section.

It should be relatively quick to complete but if you want to come back to it later please use the LOG IN option to save your form: it’s on  the right side this page and of the form itself.

After we’ve received it we will contact you to have a chat with you about the Lightning Process, to introduce ourselves and answer any questions you may have. Together we will work out whether this training programme is right for you at this time and provide you with any pre-course coaching required to help you prepare yourself for the training.

Key questions:

Do I have to pay for a seminar when I complete the form?
No. You won’t need to pay anything until after you’d had a chat to a practitioner and have been given a course date.

What information does the form ask for?
There’s 5 sections:
1) Your contact details
2) Preparing for the LP seminar – who you’d like to train with and when; if you’re ok with lifts and so on
3) A little information about your current issues and hopes for the future
4) Information on prices, terms and conditions – and checking you’re happy with them – a section for parents or guardian of under 18 year olds to complete
5) Keeping in touch – finding out how you want us to contact you in the future as part of our on going support to LP graduates


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