I have recently come to realise that having a good routine is the best way to set you free.  I have read this many times over the years and although it may sound a bit of a contradiction, recent events have had my routine thrown out of the window and I found my time got eaten up without me achieving half the things I used to.

I am someone who is generally quite organised and one of the office jokes is my like of ‘straight lines’.   As you may know from previous blogs, I recently had surgery (I am officially bionic!) but that was then followed by a big house move and lifestyle change.

Starting with the operation, my routines were completely changed – firstly I had to recover, I wasn’t able to drive for 6 weeks plus I had other ‘limitations’ for 12 weeks following the operation.  This meant I was having to operate to my husband, Gary’s timings and he is a very different animal to me on that front.

Next came the house move at about 9 weeks after my operation.  Adding to my reduced speed overall and physical limitations, I was also having to live in a certain amount of chaos.  We decided to employ the removal company to pack up much of the house as I just couldn’t do as much as I would have liked.  Moving was a three day process as we were moving 200 miles away to Wales, so that really tested my ability to stay calm and go with the flow!

On arrival at our new home (which we absolutely love) we were left surrounded by boxes – it took us 4 days just to find the cutlery.  Although getting straight was a priority, it takes time and we still have quite a few boxes here and there.

My new office is situated in the garden but until it gets electricity run to it, I’m not able to move into it.  Instead I have been working in the loft (the only place other than the garden with a phone signal) with all my files and reference materials locked away in the office in the garden.

Whilst there have been lots of new adventures happening, I found my lack of a good routine was the most challenging thing.  It felt like being on a rollercoaster where I was having to work around the schedules of various trade people, deliveries and visitors which were all good and often fun but still took me away from the things I needed to get done.

My priority now is getting back to having a functioning office but getting back to having a good routine has given me structure in my day which in turn has freed up so much more time for the fun things in life.

Take a look at your routine especially if you are feeling overwhelmed about everything that needs to be done.  Do you book specific time in your diary to study or work?  Although this may sound a little ‘boring’, it is a great way to focus your time and energy when you need to and give you the free time you want to do the things you love doing.