What is the Lightning Process?

The Lightning Process® (LP) is a training course designed by Dr. Phil Parker that focuses on the science behind how the brain and body interact; it gives you powerful tools to use this mind-body connection to influence your health and life.  The tools involve gentle movement, meditation-like techniques and mental exercises.  With practice you can use them to change the way your nervous system works, switching on pathways which promote health and switching off ones which aren’t so good for you.

Is it right for me?

Do you have ongoing health and wellbeing concerns?

Do you know how it feels to…
…be exhausted and tired no matter how much rest you get?
…be stuck with re-occurring pain, health symptoms and issues?
…get so stressed by almost everything?
…feel low and upset much of the time?
…want a better life and health but just can’t find anything that works?

If any, or all, of this sound familiar then the LP could be the answer that you’re looking for.

During the last three decades, we’ve worked with over 25,000 people who are experiencing a wide range of physical and mental health issues, helping them transform their lives.

The 3 stages of the Lightning Process

Part 1:

Listen to the interactive audio programme (approx. 4 hours) and take part in a preparation coaching call with one of Phil’s team.  You’ll learn about the science behind the process and how the LP can help you make change.

Part 2:

Take the seminar (3 half days) – it’s interactive and run in an informal, 1:1 or group setting (online or face to face).

The seminar is led by an experienced LP Practitioner, using a coaching style that encourages self-reflection, whilst being caring and compassionate in its approach.

Part 3:

Implement the tools that you’ve learned with the ongoing support of your coach and access to a range of useful resources.

Lightning Process Success

What Doctors Say…

Dr Rajesh Munglani – Consultant in Pain Medicine

“I have seen the lives of some of my patients transformed by this self- empowering technique. Everyone who has battled with chronic illness and wants to win should have the opportunity to do the Lightning Process.”

Dr Stephanie Hughes – GP

“I am a medical doctor whose life has been transformed by the Lightning Process. It is, without doubt, an extremely effective training programme which enables participants to make hugely important, life-enhancing changes to their health and wellbeing – rapidly and permanently.”

Dr Anna Chellamuthu – GP

“I am so impressed with the potential for positive change in health that I have trained with Phil Parker to become a Lightning Process practitioner myself.”

Dr Lissa Rankin – Physician

“Given that 90% of doctor’s visits are the result of stress, stress-reducing techniques like the ones taught in Phil Parker’s book can be not only life-saving, but happiness-saving.”

Dr Susy Mikkelsen – MD

“I hope the importance of this innovative approach to medical health will spread rapidly to the practice of medicine and to all who need it.”