Why is it as soon as the Christmas season is upon us, things go a little mad?  We end up rushing from one thing to another, and can miss out on the important things.

We are creatures of habit and sometimes end up following the same routines, even if they no longer suit us.  We put lots of pressure on ourselves for all the things we need to do or should do.  Let alone the pressure to have a good time – it can feel like enforced fun!

How about making this year different, and changing the pattern that you automatically run?

Start by thinking about what you really want to do this year

What would really make your Christmas special?  Now, I am sure there are going to be some cracking ideas that maybe a little unrealistic, or not physically possible for this year.  But, what about the ideas that you can take some action on?  The Christmas ideas that you can make into a reality and create your ideal Christmas.

List down everything that would make Christmas special for you and review the list.

  • Which ones make you feel excited or inspired?
  • Which ones are achievable and appropriate?
  • Which ones are within your power to influence?

Decide on one or two things from your list that and work out the step(s) you can take to make them happen.

What are you saying yes to, when your head is screaming NO?

There are times when we make choices and have to compromise for the good of the family or group as a whole.  But, if you always find yourself compromising, you are probably saying yes to many things that it would be absolutely fine, to say no to too.

Do you remember a comedy called ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ with Dawn French?  She said yes to having Christmas dinner with everyone to avoid any upset but ends up eating dinner, after dinner, after dinner and having to be driven home on a bulldozer as she couldn’t move.

Whilst this is a pretty extreme example, think about what you are saying yes to and make sure it is the right choice for you.  You have permission to say no if you don’t want to go to every party, or on every shopping trip – that is okay!

Special touches

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving and it doesn’t have to be big and expensive to feel great.  Think about the little things you can do for friends and family that would be the most thoughtful gifts.  This could be arranging a Skype coffee with your sister, writing a personal letter to a friend or paying someone a heartfelt compliment.  These are all great gifts to receive too, so make sure you are open to receive the ones especially for you.

Take time out

When everything gets busy, book some downtime in your diary to do the things that you find relaxing.  This will give you little oases of peace amongst all the busyness, where you can just chill out.  Whether you take the dog for a walk, read, or do some meditation, a little down time will help to recharge you for the busy times.

If you would like any support in help you to flow through and enjoy the festive season, contact us for a chat and find out how we can help you.