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Lightning Process Online Small Group Refresher

08/04/2020 - Led by: Helen Harding

83 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HW

Join this online small group training to refresh your Lightning Process skills and be coached and supported with any new or existing issues by experienced practitioner Helen Harding.  It is a fun and energised environment to make sure you are getting the most from your Lightning Process training.  By joining this session, you will:

  • Review the core concepts from the seminar
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions
  • Meet other LP graduates and share experiences
  • Enhance your use of the Process by being able to practice it whilst being coached by an experienced practitioner
  • Continue to be engaged with the LP and a life you love

The seminar, on Wednesday 8th April 2020, starts at 3.00pm and runs for 3 hours.  The cost is £100.

To book your place please complete the register of interest and Helen will send you full details and confirm your place!

We look forward to seeing you there!