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Christmas – Lessons from Years Gone By

How quickly this year has flown?  It’s hard to believe we are already back Christmas again.

Are you doing things that you said you would never do again?

Do you feel like you are going around in the same circles that you were last year?

If you’re back on the Christmas merry-go-round, it’s time to STOP and get off!

Reflect on Christmas past

Think back previous Christmas times:

  • What did you enjoy?
  • Which aspects did you totally dislike?
  • What went really well?
  • What was a struggle?

As creatures of habit, we can easily find ourselves going along with things that we really don’t want to do. By reflecting on what happened in previous years, you can change direction and stop yourself from heading back down the same automatic path.

What do you want more of this Christmas?

There will be some plans that it’s going to be too late to change but there will be some aspects that can be changed.

As a starting point, look at the things that you really enjoyed in previous years and make sure you are making those a priority this year too.

For me it is all about spending time relaxing with my nearest and dearest and it doesn’t even have to be on Christmas day.  We have guests coming for a pre-Christmas Christmas the weekend before, family for Christmas itself and then we are taking a trip back to Hertfordshire where we moved from this year to catch up with other friends and family.  For us, we love a relaxed, go with the flow Christmas with good food and great company.

What do you want to change this Christmas?

Now think about the things that weren’t great last year – what aspects can you changes that will make life easier for you and stop history from repeating itself?

After years of spending time wandering around shops and looking on the internet for inspiration for friends gifts and still not always being happy with my choice it was time for a change.  A few years ago, I had a chat with my friends and we decided that we would instead put our energy and money into spending quality time together and celebrate our friendships in that way.  It really has taken the pressure off the Christmas shopping trip and saved time in wrapping and instead I get to have lots of fun times.

One of my friends absolutely hated writing cards so they decided to make a donation to charity for the amount they spent on the cards and postage instead.

Where can you get help this festive season?

Finally, what jobs can you get help with or delegate to others?  This is especially useful for getting help with the chores that you hate.  Friends and family are usually more than happy to help out when they know, so ASK – they aren’t mind readers so don’t allow yourself to stew on things and instead ask for a little support.  You could be pleasantly surprised!

Plan for next year

Now you have reviewed what your likes and dislikes are around Christmas, make a note and put it somewhere safe to reference next year.  Also make sure you make a note in your calendar or diary for the rough time you start your Christmas preparation next year to review the plan of action.

Remember, we no longer have to do things because of old traditions, if they don’t suit you it is time to start some new ones.

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year