I’ve just passed my one year anniversary of doing a morning routine.  I’ve been reflecting on the past year and my experience of having introduced this habit into my day.   There have been a surprising number of benefits:

I love taking time out for myself

As a practitioner, I am constantly nagging clients to look after themselves.  When things get busy, it is so easy to forget to nurture yourself, as you ride the roller-coaster of life.

My morning routine is my luxury time, devoted to my own personal development.  This is my priority and happens before I start my day (well, after feeding the animals).

I love reading

I have always enjoyed learning, but never from reading books.  English was never my thing.  I thought I might struggle with this element of the routine, but taking just 15 minutes a day to read, I have been devouring books.  This new habit has inspired me in lots of ways including motivating me on projects, enhancing my clinical work and providing ideas for articles.

I celebrate the small wins

This has been the biggest game changer for me.  I have been keeping a short journal and part of that is acknowledging my little, daily wins.  This has helped me to see my progression on projects and helped me to stay motivated when I still have a long way to go.

Celebrating each small win feels good!  You notice and appreciate each step, however small it may feel.  It doesn’t take long, before all the small wins add up to big wins and great achievements.

A great example of this is our garden.  It is very large and very overgrown, which is a little scary to someone who is still very much an amateur gardener.  Last weekend, we took advantage of the good weather and got out in the garden.  If we look at what we achieved in relation to everything that needs doing, it was a drop in the ocean.  Instead, we focused on a couple of small areas, which are now looking great and we are very pleased with our efforts.

I set my intentions for the day

I have massively improved my productivity in all areas of my life, by setting out what I want to do and achieve, in the day ahead.  I admit, I do have to reign in my ‘over-ambitious’ side from time to time, but having a little plan of action to start the day, means I focus and get things done.

I enjoy quiet time

Just sitting still and ‘being’ has been a challenge for me in the past, there is always something to do.  Taking a few minutes of quiet time to meditate and visualise the day ahead is incredible.  It starts my day from a place of peace and calm which feels amazing.

My morning routine and small wins have added up to me accomplishing a lot this year!  What small wins can you celebrate today?

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”  Oprah Winfrey