Do you feel you have to be positive and productive all the time?

Do you feel you should be making the most of the time you have at home?

We’re surrounded by people trying to persuade us to be positive, do more and be more at this time.  To get to grips with the projects at home and work, all those things you’ve been putting off and never had time for.

As a nation, and world, we’re all in a state of limbo and life is very different.  We’re all going through a grief and loss process which is putting us on an emotional rollercoaster.  For some, they’ve lost loved ones, for others, it’s their freedom or jobs.  We’re experiencing all sorts of different feelings which is putting us under a huge amount of stress.

When we’re stressed, we go into the flight, fight or freeze response.

Some people are trying to fly away from the situation by drinking more alcohol or eating more to dull it.

Others are fighting through by keeping busy, doing more and more, and pushing through.

For some, they are frozen – they aren’t motivated to do anything and just want to be.

All of these responses are okay and normal.  They are our way of dealing with the situation and it’s okay to feel like you do.  If you’re feeling pressurised to do more, or change, give yourself permission to be kind to yourself, and listen to what you need.

Just because you have time, it doesn’t mean you have to use it.  You’re allowed to have downtime and do nothing.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to bring more pockets of calm into your day.  Whether that’s getting out into nature, reading or meditating, do more of what feels good and right for you.

We will get through this, the time will pass and, in the meantime, be kind to yourself.

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