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Are you Feeling Overwhelmed?

overwhelmed blogDo you feel like you are under pressure and there is so much going on?  Do you find yourself procrastinating over tasks?  Are you feeling stuck?  These are classic symptoms of being overwhelmed – remember the famous saying ‘You can’t see the woods for the trees’, if this is how you are feeling in your life, try out the following tips.

Press pause – physically remove yourself from the situation and get a different perspective on what is going on.  This can be as simple as taking a walk, reading a magazine or watching TV.  Something where your mind is completely taken off the tasks you are doing and you will quickly notice a shift in your state of mind and start to feel calmer.  As you are doing something different, you’re unconscious mind will be operating powerfully for you in the background, helping you to come up with great solutions.

Get clarity – write your thoughts down and don’t worry about censoring them, let them flow.    This helps you get all of the ‘stuff’ out of your head and onto paper, freeing your mind for calmness.  It will also act as a filter to show you exactly what you are saying to yourself and whether it’s useful or not.  From experience, most of it is not that useful but by recognising it, you can start to address it.

Write lists – using more paper or a whiteboard, put together lists from all of the information you are downloading.  Create to do lists, mind maps etc. to give you points to refer to later.

Say no – take a little time to reflect on your download of information and decide which items you can say no to.  Which are the ones that you are doing because you feel you should rather than the ones you want to do?  Which are the ones that have been on your list forever and never being completed – are these ever going to get done?  Go through and give your lists a good culling – it will take out some of the noise and allow you to focus on what is important.

The first step –  once you are feeling calmer, ask yourself what is the first thing I should be doing?  This question helps you to focus on the here and now.  It reminds me of the expression ‘You can only eat an elephant one chunk at a time’.  So chunk things down into manageable bite sized chunks.

Physical space is also worth considering. Whilst it’s possible to have a serene state of mind while living amongst chaos, it’s going to be harder work.  You can find tips on tackling your de-cluttering in one of our other blogs, click here to read it.

It’s time to start freeing yourself from being overwhelmed and you will soon notice how much more productive you are and how much calmer you feel so why not start now?

If you feel you need help with working on what is overwhelming you in your life, contact us and we will be happy to get back to you personally to discuss how we can help you.