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Basic details about you

To apply for the 'Lightning Process (LP) Seminar with Phil Parker’s London Team’ please fill in this short application form - it should take only a few minutes to complete and will really help us to understand your needs. You can also save the form at any point, so it's there if you need to come back to it.

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Preparing for the LP seminar

I would like to train with:*
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Preferred Practitioner (optional):
Have you listened to the 'Part 1 of the Lightning Process' audio programme or read the introduction book?*
Are you willing to attend and participate in the discussions, training and coaching sessions?*
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A little information about your issues and future plans

How would you describe your illness/symptoms/issues? (Include medical name/diagnosis if relevant):*
When did your symptoms/issues begin?
Date of Diagnosis:
How did they start?*
How has this affected your life?*
Do you feel you can influence your own health?*
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To help me assess your suitability for the seminar please tell me if you have any medical or mental health issues that you have not yet mentioned on this form. If so, please list them here:
What do you hope to achieve from doing the course?*
What would you love to do with your life?
Have you applied to take the training before?*

The fees for taking the Lightning Process training with a member of Phil Parker's Team in London are £775 in a small group setting or £2,500 for a one to one. The fees for training with Phil Parker in a small group setting in London are £1,997. This includes any pre-course support or coaching, your assessment, 3 half days of training and course materials and 3 hours of follow up phone calls (to use within the year following training). Additional follow up coaching sessions are available at extra cost after the training seminars as needed.

Payment is only payable once you have been accepted onto a course.

Training Agreement
If you agree to the terms and conditions (found here) and to the following statement: “I understand that the Lightning Process is a training programme. Its’ purpose is to train me in the tools of the Process, and I realise that simply attending will not guarantee me any results. I recognise the changes I want can best be obtained by fully participating and engaging in the seminars and continuing to apply it after. I am ready and committed to do this.” please select 'yes' in the box below:

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The following must be completed if you are under 18 years of age.
Please ask your parent or guardian to read through the form and if they also agree to the terms and conditions, for them to select 'yes' in the box below:

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Keeping in touch

You can decide to have your attendance certificate logged, together with your name, certificate number and email address with the Lightning Process Head Office. This will:

* Ensure that it can be replaced in case of loss

* Help us with our research and statistics

* Help us to check that you have received the high standard of care we expect from members of our register

If you would like this option please select the YES option below. (Please note: your details will never be passed on to anyone else for any reason.)

I would like my attendance certificate logged with name, email address and certificate number*
I would like to hear about relevant developments in the LP and associated programmes, including the monthly graduate newsletter from Phil*
I am happy to be contacted in the future to monitor my progress for research purposes*
I would like to keep in touch with the Phil Parker's Team through their free newsletter for the latest news, updates, free resources and events*

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