Beliefs are so important to our health and our well-being.  They can excel us to great heights, or keep us well and truly stuck.

The times when I’ve got really stuck, there has been a limiting belief sabotaging my success.  A key belief I had to address was, even if I lost weight, I would still be big.  I know, when I type it, I cringe, but our beliefs don’t always make logical sense.  It’s one I’d picked up years ago from a throw away comment from a friend.  The problem is, I’d held onto it and it had stopped me achieving a healthy weight for years.

Identify limiting beliefs

Think about any beliefs you have about yourself that aren’t useful.  If they’re limiting, destructive, or negative, they are getting in your way.

Make a list of the beliefs that are getting in your way and that you want to change.  Just seeing them written down in black and white can start to change the hold they have over you.

What do you want to believe instead?

Choose a limiting belief and consider what positive belief you want to change it to.  Create an “I can” statement.

For example, a limiting belief of “I can’t relax and I’m always nervous and stressed” could become “I can easily and comfortably be relaxed and confident”

Time to ACE (Assess, Coach, Enjoy) it!


Out of 10, with 10 being absolute belief, how much do you believe the positive statement?

If it’s less than 10, there’s a limiting belief to work on.


Think about who believes in you and knows you can do this?  Who already thinks you’re great?

It can be someone you know well like a family member or a good friend, or it could be someone you admire from afar or someone you’ve heard of like the Dalai Lama, a deity or, Mother Nature.

Take a breath and close your eyes and imagine they are with you now, coaching to you in a really supportive way, reminding you that you can do it, that you are amazing and deserving.  They are firm but fair and will tell you when your limiting belief is nonsense!

What would they say to you now? What do you need to hear right now?  What are they telling you that really resonates?

Spend a little time receiving and accepting the coaching they give you.


Imagine how it feels to have this new “I can” belief and how different your life is with it.

Imagine your brilliant coach is with you every step of the way, believing in you.

Imagine walking into your future with your coach, supporting you, nurturing you, engaging with you. How it feels to have this new powerful belief working for you in a great way.

Now out of 10, how much do you believe your positive statement?

This exercise is a great way to change your limiting beliefs to positive ones and move forward in your life.  Every time the old limiting belief pops up, step in and ACE it.  It won’t be long before your new, supportive belief is working for you to achieve your goal(s).

“If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.”  Louise Hay

If you’re struggling with limiting beliefs, contact us to find out how we can help you.