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3 Tips to Breaking the Busy Cycle

resilient blogAre you someone who prides themselves in being busy?  Do you find yourself constantly moving from task to task and never taking a break?

Being constantly busy is a badge many wear with pride in today’s society but what does it really mean?  For me, this was something I prided myself in, along with my ability to multi-task but that’s a whole different topic.  I worked long hours and didn’t take proper breaks and found myself in an increasing cycle of ‘busy’.  It didn’t matter whether this was in my home life or with work, I could keep myself busy from the time I got up to the time I went to bed.  Luckily I quickly came to the conclusions that ‘busy’ doesn’t equal ‘productive’ or ‘effective’ in most cases.  It is also not good for my health and wellbeing overall not to mention my personal and social life.

In its worst case scenario being busy can lead to overwhelm, stress and even burnout and that’s just not good for anyone.  So it’s time to STOP and take stock!

Get Moving

It may sound simple but get moving, stretch, go for a walk – anything to break the pattern of being busy.  My personal favourite is to take Bella (my dog) out for a quick game of ball – she loves it and I get to spend time with her.  This is especially important if you are sitting for hours on end looking at a computer screen or doing something equally as sedentary.

Take Time Out

I’m going to suggest that you make sure you take at least one day off a week from your daily routine.  Do whatever it is that recharges you whether it is having a family day out, a sofa day in your favourite onesie watching DVDs and reading or going out for afternoon tea with friends.

I like to potter, this is my way of relaxing but also I get to do little chores around the house or be creative, in my own time, with no agenda and the computer doesn’t even get switched on.  This allows me to just go with the flow and engage with whatever I do whether that is watching a film or getting arty.

Allowing yourself this down time will mean you go back to your daily routine refreshed and in turn this will enable you to be so much more effective and creative.

Plan a Holiday

Ok, so not everyone is in a position to go away for a holiday but if you are, that’s fabulous!  If you aren’t, you could plan to take a long weekend or week off and stay at home or go out for mini adventures.  Get planning and decide where you want to go and what you want to do.  If you’re staying at home, be creative as you could do anything from exploring the local area, having picnics or trying out a new hobby.  If you have the luxury of going away, research where you want to visit and what you can do there to make it a real vacation.

It is a good way to learn that the world doesn’t stop just because you weren’t there.  Another benefit is, if anything does go a little ‘wonky’ in your absence, you will have a good idea of what needs fixing for your next break.

What do you do to stop the busy cycle in your life?  Leave a comment below with your top tip.